What to Do if You’re New to Medicare

Aetna Medicare Advantage

The IAFF Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) understands that access to affordable, quality health insurance in retirement is important to you. It is valuable to have information on what your plan options are so you can make an informed decision when you turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare because of certain health conditions.

The first step is to enroll in Medicare. You must sign up for Medicare during the 90 days before your 65th birthday. The window to enroll in Medicare closes 90 days after your 65th birthday. To sign up for Medicare, you can apply online at socialsecurity.gov or enroll in person at your local Social Security office.

The IAFF-FC is offering retired IAFF fire fighters, their spouses and widows/widowers the option to enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage. This type of plan, also called Medicare Part C, combines everything covered under Part A (hospital care), Part B (doctor services) and Part D (prescription drugs) into one plan. To be eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan, you must enroll in Part A and Part B and pay your Part B monthly premiums. For more information, go to iaff-fc.aetnamedicare.com/turning-65 for helpful videos about enrolling in Medicare and the plan options available to you.

These IAFF-FC Aetna plans are for people who purchase their own plans and don’t have a bargained benefit through their former employer or union. These plans also include extra benefits not offered by Original Medicare, such as vision and hearing aid reimbursements, the SilverSneakers® fitness program, the AbleTo behavioral health coaching program and other care and wellness programs to help keep you healthy.

Throughout 2022 as you become eligible for Medicare, you can sign up for an IAFF-FC Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. Just be sure you’ve already enrolled Medicare Part A and Part B. Then to enroll in a health plan, go to iaff-fc.aetnamedicare.com or call Aetna at 1-866-246-8039 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. in all time zones.