IAFF “15 by 5” Principle

The IAFF “15 by 5” Principle encourages all IAFF members to build up to 15% compensation deferral into their 457(b) plan within 5 years of enrollment, growing their available retirement income at a steady rate without feeling any major deficit in the income they bring in monthly. Whether in the beginning stages of your career or with 20+ years on the job, applying the “15 by 5″ Principle fosters a continuous stream of retirement income, which is essential to achieve retirement goals and maintain future quality of life.

Beginning with 5% deferral, with an annual increase of 2% totals a 15% deferral rate within 5 years of enrollment, all while keeping the percentage of increase at a maintainable level.

This Calculator is designed to help members plan for retirement at any stage in their career by simulating what applying the 15 by 5 principle to their planned deferred compensation.

Calculator Tool

* Disclaimer: This a rudimentary example and should not be construed in any way as professional financial advice. This is purely for explanatory purposes only. For professional financial advice, visit our partner financial advisors.