Supplemental Insurance

The IAFF Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) is excited to offer supplemental insurance to members and their immediate family members for cancer and critical illness.

The IAFF’s number-one priority is our members’ health and safety. Cancer in the fire service remains one of the most pressing concerns, along with other occupational illnesses. Fire fighters are more likely to be diagnosed with certain types of cancer than the general public and at a younger age. Furthermore, these illnesses can also have a big financial toll on members and their families.

The IAFF-FC recognizes that insurance is not a blanket one size fits all, and that’s why we have forged partnerships with two companies: NTA Life and MetLife. Both offer superior products, and each has distinct benefits to fit the needs of our members.

NTA Life offers individual cancer, heart, hospital indemnity, accident and short-term disability plans with year-round enrollment, and options to sign up for one or all plans. These plans are structured to provide the flexibility to tailor products to fit your unique needs by choosing the appropriate benefit level and premium amount, along with the applicable family coverage status. NTA benefits are paid directly to you to cover the medical or non-medical costs of an accident, illness, or health emergency, and are payable in addition to any other insurance coverage.


MetLife offers union-funded group, guaranteed-issue policies that include critical illness, accident, and life insurance. These policies give Locals the ability to offer members protection from the financial impact of unexpected illness, accidental injuries, and/or death.