IAFF Health Trusts

IAFF Financial Corporation

At the 2010 IAFF Convention, the Delegates passed a resolution requiring the IAFF to create a healthcare option that IAFF Affiliates can negotiate and bargain for on behalf of their Locals. After years of hard work, the IAFF Financial Corporation is delivering on that promise!

In 2022, the IAFF-FC Board of Directors approved a strategic partnership with the Northwest Fire Fighters Benefits Trust, allowing the IAFF-FC to offer a robust health insurance program that IAFF Affiliate Locals can bargain for with their employers, and that encompasses benefits for both active and retired IAFF members. The IAFF-FC is proud to bring IAFF members access to the IAFF Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) and the IAFF Health & Wellness Trust (HWT).

Save Now for Medical Costs After Retirement

The IAFF Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP), created by the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF) Employee Benefit Trust, provides crucial benefits for you and your family in retirement. The IAFF MERP is a completely tax-sheltered plan designed to help participating members pay for health insurance premiums and other medical expenses in retirement. Your lifetime monthly benefit is determined based on how much you contribute to the plan throughout your career and for how long.

In 2022, WSCFF began partnering with the IAFF to rebrand the program, making it available to publicly funded IAFF Locals throughout the United States.

Simply put, the IAFF MERP is a defined benefit structured VEBA that your local can bargain for with your employer.

Unlike a traditional defined contribution VEBA or HRA, the IAFF MERP invests monthly contributions from an employee, an employer, or both and then provides the retiree with a monthly benefit for life to use to pay for qualified medical expenses such as insurance premiums, prescriptions, co-pays, Medicare Advantage plans, or any healthcare cost that meets the IRS definition of a qualified medical expense.

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The IAFF Health & Wellness Trust (Formerly Northwest Fire Fighters Benefit Trust) – also referred to as IAFF Health & Wellness Trust (IAFF HWT or the Trust) – is a Union-Sponsored Benefit trust solution providing bargained benefits for Health Insurance to both Active-Duty Members and Retirees, and available to any collectively bargained IAFF Participating Local working for a Public Employer. It was designed by fire fighters, for fire fighters.

Our plans are built to be responsive to the needs of our members, and The IAFF HWT Board of Trustees strives to continuously provide our members with the best value possible.

IAFF HWT has a large menu of medical plans to choose from, including BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), Delta Dental and VSP, Sav-Rx plus Regional Solutions, and some custom options available by state. Deductibles range from $50 per person to $5,000 per person. All medical plans include virtual care office visits, planned surgery travel benefits, hearing benefits and more!

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